3 clever tricks to find best price on Amazon easily

There are a vast number of merchandises on Amazon and the prices are fluctuating at any time. if you don’t know when to buy, here are 2 ways to provide you the price trend information and you obviously know what price can be shot.

Use Client APP

Price Compare is a price tracker app which you can see the price trend by clicking the bottom button.

You also can put a product into your watchlist, when the price drop you will accept a alert. Unlike other price trackers, Price Compare is more convenient based on phone. Cuz we don’t frequently turn on the computers to shop online.

Here is the download link for android: http://bit.ly/2vqHJVl

Use Browser Extension

Here are several Price Trackers of browser extension. You could check a product’s price in past one week, one month, one year and even longer time on Amazon.

We recommend Keepa browser plug-in which adapt to Chrome、Firefox and Opera browser currently. Set Chrome as an example, Keepa will automatically load the history price information after being installed.

Yellow line is Amazon proprietary and FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon)price.

Blue line is a new product price.

Black line is a second-hand price.

The whole network price compare tool

Invisible Hand isn't quite the same as some of the other tools here—it doesn't track prices and show you a price history so you know when the best time to buy an item is—but it does tell you if an item you're shopping for is cheaper elsewhere on the web, how much cheaper it is, and helps you to find discounts on things you want to buy right now.